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Fearless Connection

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Many struggle with connecting to themselves, their true desires, and to one another. Experiencing wholeness equally comes through the connections we make to ourselves, through ourselves, the impressions we allow the world to make on us, and the impressions we choose to make on the world.




April, Sun 23th 2023, 11:00 am - 4:00 pm


Tanzfabrik Berlin, Möckernstraße 68, 10965 Berlin


Ideally we are in connection with ourselves, others and our environment. The first layer of connection requires a state of presence that allows us to listen and feel. Using the breath and somatic approaches we practice entering The state of full awareness, opening up our everyday shell. From there we can start sharing and exchanging energies.

In the workshop we will explore these principles through the body:

  • Presence / Listening
  • Expressive Movement
  • Nonverbal Exchange
  • Physical Contact

Cost 222€


Connect to your form
Connect to your truth
Leave your comfort zone
Go deeper inside out

About the work


The Master Embodiment platform is a generative social-sensorial experience that authentically creates a tangible connection to one's true-est personal expression. The work is based on a collaborative approach that brings us together in formations of groups, pairs and solo exercises.

The value of learning this method accelerates one's process to experience confidence, connectedness, self trust and freedom, defining purpose. Allowing life to unfold and feeling connected to the unfolding. The Master Embodiment practice helps create new perspectives within the body.

Providing a map that inspires a clear view into one's potential through demystifying energetic cages that antagonize our search for external acceptance. 


To release embodied tensions, connect to our emotions, and explore the power of free expression. Because with new movement impulses come new possibilities.


Through challenging the known, committing to doing the work of engaging with our fears, doubts, and other internal struggles we allow ourselves to overcome them. By expanding our understanding of what we are capable of inside a safe and functionally playful space to learn, we arrive in a deeper connection to the self.

The Master Embodiment techniques teach a formula that offers each participant a framework to their own unique language of communication through, and with the body.


Master Embodiment is for those with a desire to move through and expand their physical-emotional landscape into something that feels creative, confident, connected, free, safe, and empowering. No previous dance training is necessary.


The Art of Confidence Workshop | 5hrs | February 26th, 2023 | 222€ | Berlin   

Fearless Connection Workshop | 5hrs | April, Sun 23rd 2023 | 222€ | Berlin

Master Embodiment | 2.5 days | May 26th-28th, 2023 | 675€ | TBa

More Workshops & Retreats, tba


What should I bring?
Comfortable clothes you can move in. We recommend long pants.
Water bottle to drink
Notebook and pen to take notes

I can’t make it to the workshop anymore, can I reschedule?
Cancellations are possible up to a week before the workshop, but will incur a 15% cancellation fee. If you cancel later there is no refund possible. 

Are the workshops led in German or English?
All workshops are in English.

I have no experience with embodiment or other types of movement, can I still join?

There is no previous experience needed. We are here to explore different principles that you can apply in your own intensity.